The consultation process

A personal consultation with Manuela is quite simple, easy and convenient.

Kindly email your initial query to

Manuela has several locations where she holds medical consults, including Milano (Italy), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), London (United Kingdom). She is the appointed Medical Director of a private oncology clinic in Colombo (Sri Lanka) where she offers intensive targeted therapies.





How does it work?

Initial consultations:  2 hours

Follow-up consultations: From 30 minutes to 1 hour based on your individual health challenge and needs.

At the end of your comprehensive 2 hours initial consultation, you will received a detailed Practitioner’s Report, a script, a referral if necessary, and a health insurance claim. Please note that Supplements/Medications can be dispatched to your private address if required by express mail/FedX. Additional assessments, nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies or other protocols are at an extra cost to the consultation.

For general inquiries please use the email form below. All fields are required. Please click the “Send Message” button once when done.

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