Exercise for an integrative approach to cancer care

Often cancer patients ask me why exercise needs to be integrated into their management. Research studies at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center have demonstrated  that exercise confers “the ability to reduce risk of spread of breast, colon, glioma, ovarian and prostate cancers”  The question is: what are the biochemical changes that take place during Continue reading »

From Gene to Biomarker.

The concept of genetic testing and personalised medicine has recently been brought to the media’s attention by the actress Angelina Jolie following her choice to undergo a double mastectomy as a preventive medical procedure based on genetic testing. Angelina was found to carry the mutant form of BRCA1, which predicts a personal risk to breast Continue reading »


While a sound diet, good hand washing practices, and certain herbal remedies can all go a long way in staving off illness, coming into contact with these viruses is practically unavoidable. While there are many things we can do to help prepare our immune systems to be on the offensive this season, there are several Continue reading »